2.24 Can a Joint Research Center of the European Commission be Beneficiary or partner of a project financed by the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme and therefore receive Programme funds? Published 2011/06/16

Provided that the Joint Managing Authority cannot give a prior opinion on the eligibility of Applicants and partners, it is recalled that according to the Financial Regulation, grants may not have the purpose or effect of producing a profit for the Beneficiary/partners (it shall cover additional activities implying additional costs not already covered by the general Budget of the European Union), must involve co-financing and may not be cumulative (i.e. the same action cannot be financed twice: through the Programme grant and e.g. the general Budget of the European Union). Moreover the Joint Research Centers (JRC) should take into account the limitation set by Art. 14 (e) of the ENPI Regulation (Regulation EC n° 1638/2006) that states that “Community institutions and bodies [are eligible], but only for the purposes of implementing support measure of the type referred to in Article 16".
Finally with regard to geographical eligibility, due to their particular international status, the JRC and the other Community institutions and bodies have no geographical constraint, so they can be based outside the eligible areas provided that their activities will be implemented for the benefit of the Programme eligible territories. However, their participation cannot contribute to the fulfillment of the minimum geographical criterion set for this call (minimum 4 countries represented whose at least one from the EU participating countries and one from the Mediterranean Partner Countries).