2.27 Can the Applicant role be shifted in stage 2 (from that indicated in the Concept Note) and its functions be assigned to another partnership member? Published 2011/06/24

Section 4.1.5 of the Guidelines for Applicants states that "the elements assessed on the basis of the Concept Note (partnership composition, specific objective and expected results) may not be modified by the Applicant in the Full Application Form". The composition of the partnership shall be interpreted based on the role played by each organisation in the project. In fact the responsibilities of the Applicant are clearly defined in the Guidelines (section 2.3): the Applicant bears legal responsibility and liability for the whole partnership vis-à-vis the Joint Managing Authority and among others submits the Application Form (Concept Note and Full Application Form) on behalf of the partnership. This is the reason why the Applicant must sign and submit since the Concept Note stage the Declaration by the Applicant in which its tasks and responsibilities towards the JMA are listed. Moreover according to the provisions set in section 3.2.1 of the Guidelines concerning the maximum number of proposals in which one organisation can participate, the limitation applies on the basis of the role played by an organization within a project (i.e. for each topic one proposal as Applicant or twice as partner).
Finally according to the qualitative evaluation grid of the Concept Note, the relevance of the partnership will be evaluated only during stage 1 (Concept Note): changing the composition of the partnership would therefore impact the evaluation of its relevance.
These are the main reasons why the composition (Applicant and partners) cannot change from stage 1 to stage 2 otherwise the proposal will be rejected.