3.12 Is there a minimum threshold of co-financing set for each project partner? Published 2011/06/16

There is no minimum threshold of co-financing set for each partner. The co-financing shall be provided at project level and shall amount to a minimum of 10% of the total eligible costs as indicated in the Budget for the Project (Annex III - worksheet 3).
The co-financing can come from the Applicant/partner’s own resources or from funds of other national/local institutions, etc. "In kind" co-financing is not eligible: the Beneficiary and its partners will therefore have to provide evidence of actual payments for all project expenditures, irrespective of the source of funding. The expenditure for staff (Human Resources) is not considered as contribution “in kind” and can be considered as co-financing (see art. 14.5 of Annex II “General Conditions”).