3.17 What does the cost category “infrastructure” include? In particular which procedure should be followed and is there a maximum percentage of the budget to be allocated? Published 2011/06/16

According to art. 14 of Annex II to the Grant Contract “General Conditions” (as modified by article 7.2.12 of the Special Conditions) , the Programme can finance "small" infrastructures (defined as "basic facilities, services, and installations needed for the functioning of a community or society"). The "small" size also relates to the concerned costs compared with the overall project budget.
A clear identification of what has to be considered as "Infrastructure" compared with the items that shall be included under the "Equipment" cost category is a pre-condition. In order to be eligible, according to section 3.3.1 of the Guidelines, the cost of infrastructures must be listed and specified in the Budget for appraisal by the Project Selection Committee due to their potential territorial impact.
Furthermore, there is no pre-defined maximum percentage set for any cost category of the Budget (with the exception of “Administrative costs” and “Contingency reserve”), and the rules set by Annex IV to the Grant Contract “Procurement by grant Beneficiaries” shall apply to purchase the foreseen infrastructures.