3.24 Are there any guidelines or restrictions on travel costs? What is the maximum amount of travel costs per project and per person? Published 2011/07/07

According to article 14.2 of the General Conditions (Annex II of the Grant Contract), travel and subsistence costs are eligible provided that “they do not exceed those normally borne by the Beneficiary or its partners, as the case may be”. Therefore travel and subsistence costs must follow the rules usually applied by the organisation. In case the organisation uses flat-rate reimbursement (per diem), these must not exceed the rates set out published by the European Commission at the time of the signing of the Grant Contract. The per diem scales of the European Commission are available here. (http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/work/procedures/implementation/per_diems/i...)
No maximum amount has been set for a project, but the total cost of travels cannot constitute the bulk of the project budget, since travels should aim at contributing to achieve the expected project results.