3.26 Are the air travel costs and per diem paid by EU partners to attend events held in the Mediterranean Partner Countries counted to fulfill the “50%” criterion? Published 2011/07/07

Provided that the JMA cannot give a prior opinion on the eligibility of costs, the general principle mentioned in section  2.5 of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants is that at least 50% of the total eligible budget costs of the project shall be dedicated to activities implemented in the Mediterranean Partner Countries territories as listed in section 3.1.1. In order to fulfill this requirement, project proposals shall:
- foresee to allocate at least the 50% of the budget costs to the partners from the Mediterranean Partner Countries
- in case the financial allocation to partners from Mediterranean Partner Countries is lower than the said minimum percentage, the difference up to the 50% shall be justified by activities implemented by EU Applicant or partner/s and/or International Organisations in the Mediterranean Partner Countries. The said budget costs shall be indicated and justified in the dedicated budget table in the Grant Application Form.
As far as the travel cost category is concerned, the principle implies that these costs are counted in the budget of each partner.
Therefore if they are incurred by the EU partners to attend events in Mediterranean Partner Countries they cannot be counted in order to fulfill the above mentioned criterion. Please note that detailed instructions will be provided on this point to projects pre-selected to stage 2, i.e. invited to submit a Full Application Form.