3.27 STEP 2 Can the project total eligible costs which include the ENPI contribution and the project co-financing, vary from stage 1 (Concept Note) to stage 2 (Full Application Form)? Published 2012/01/12

According to par. 4.1.1 of the Guidelines for Applicants, the total eligible budget costs cannot vary from the initial estimate by more than 20% provided that the limits set under paragraphs 2.5 (% of Programme contribution and co-financing) and 3.3 (total eligible budget costs) are respected. This means that the ceilings set by the call must be respected: a minimum of 2.000.000 euro up to a maximum of 5.000.000 euro of total eligible costs including both the ENPI contribution (maximum 90% of project total eligible costs) and the project co-financing (minimum 10%). See also questions n. 3.1 and 3.7 published on the Programme website under the “Questions and answers” section of the call for strategic projects.