3.36 STEP 2 How should administrative costs be distributed among the partnership? Published 2012/01/30

According to article 14.4 of Annex II “General Conditions” to the Standard Grant Contract, administrative costs are calculated at project level. However these are linked to the direct eligible costs incurred by all the partners.
Therefore these costs will have to be distributed according to the percentage (not exceeding 7%) indicated in worksheet 1 - row 11 - of the Budget among the Applicant and its partners based on the direct costs managed by each organisation (the detail per partner will have to be indicated in worksheet 3 of the Budget).
Please note that according to the same article,“The flat-rate funding in respect of indirect costs does not need to be supported by accounting documents. Indirect costs are eligible provided that they do not include costs assigned to another heading of the budget of this Contract.”