3.39 STEP 2 Is it possible to purchase with a single tender launched by the Applicant or a partner, the equipment and supplies for two or more organisations involved in the partnership? Published 2012/01/30

Yes it is possible to launch a single tender to purchase equipment or supplies and then have separate invoices for each organisation that will pay its own quota. However please note that:
- each organization must agree to have a common procedure on a clear legal basis (e.g. Partnership Agreement)
- the organisation has to make sure that it has the possibility to pay an invoice issued by the provider contracted by a different organisation (Applicant or partner that launched the tender according to the applicable procurement rules).
- the use of the common tender has to be mentioned in the Full Application Form in the description of the equipment or supplies to be purchased to implement project activities.
The costs will have to be indicated in worksheet 1 of the Budget according to the quota that each organization will manage.
Please note that art. 7.3 of Annex II “General Conditions” as amended by art. 7.2.9 of the Grant Contract Special Conditions:
“Beneficiaries and partners located in EU Member States may implement activities in Mediterranean Partner Countries involving equipment, vehicles and supplies. Unless otherwise specified in the Special Conditions, the equipment, vehicles and supplies paid for by the Budget for the Action must be transferred to partners in the countries where the activities were carried out or to the final recipients of the Action, at the latest when submitting the final report. Copies of the proofs of transfers of equipments and vehicles, the purchase cost of which was more than EUR 5.000 per item, must be attached to the final report. Such proofs must be kept for control purposes in all other cases”