4.2 Should I sign the Concept Note and send a scanned version of it? Published 2011/06/17

No. As stated in the last page of the “Practical Instruction on How to fill the Concept Note”, you only need to validate the Concept Note.
So you shall “CHECK” your Concept Note first and once all fields are duly completed you shall “VALIDATE” it and save this version in your PC for printing.
Please note that once the Concept Note has been validated, it cannot be changed anymore. It is therefore strongly recommended to save intermediary versions of the Concept Note before its validation.
Please note that the validated version will be marked by a unique code appearing at the bottom of each page. You shall print this version and send it along with the electronic file (saved on a CD-ROM or USB Key) and the Declaration by the Applicant (original handwritten signed version).
It is of utmost importance to check that both versions of the Concept Note (paper and electronic) have the same code at the bottom of each page to ensure that the two versions are identical.