4.5 What is the national registration number? Is it a compulsory information to be provided in the Concept Note? Published 2011/06/30

As per the "Instructions to fill in the Concept Note" (included in Annex A), the national registration number refers to any kind of official alphanumeric code assigned to identify organisations according to the respective national system of registration. An indicative list of most common identification numbers could include fiscal registration numbers (e.g. VAT), insurance or social security codes, etc. The reference to the “national registration number” remains open to all possible legal identification code adopted by each participating country. It is compulsory to fill in this field otherwise the Concept Note cannot be validated. Furthermore, this information is relevant in order to check the compliance with the eligibility of the organisation / project (section 3.2.1 of the Guidelines) with regard to the limitation set for the participation under this call.