Assessment of the Rice Straw as Precursor for Production of Hydrogels to Reclaim Sandy and Calcareous Soils.

First name: Altaf
Last name: Basta
Name of the organization: National Research Center
Type of organization: Other
Other: Governmental Institute
Brief description of the organization: NRC is the largest multidisciplinary R&D centre in Egypt devoted to basic and applied research within the major fields of interest. NRC possesses an impressive scientific & technological infrastructure and man power resources of 4300 research staff. NRC consists of 13 divisions and 106 departments covering the major areas of industry, health, environment, agriculture, basic sciences and engineering.
Telephone: 02-0101846890
Location: Cairo (Egypt)
Project title: Assessment of the Rice Straw as Precursor for Production of Hydrogels to Reclaim Sandy and Calcareous Soils.
Brief description of the project: The main objective of the project is to highlight and give detailed interpretations about the environmental approach for preparation of hydrogels from rice straw (RS) as undesirable rice-byproducts, and examine the behaviour of RS-based hydrogels produced, for reducing the amount of irrigated water used and controlling the leachability and release of fertilizer elements, e.g., N, P and K during irrigation of sandy soils, as well as the benefit of these products to enhance the biological activity and increase the yield of crops. The possibility of using the waste water from some industry to irrigate the deteriorated soils, as a procedure to reduce the natural water sources for other human activities, will be the intermediate objective of this proposal. The importance of this proposal is return to the bad situation of the rate of increasing the population with the amount of available water sources and agro-food products
Priority: Priority 2 - Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level
Topic: Topic 1 - Water management
Partners already involved: 1) Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy , Faculté des Science & Technologie (France) 2) Institute for Complex Systems - National Research Council (Italy)
Partners searched: Partner belonging to Mediterranean Partner Countries with expertize on agricoltural research or synthesis and/or characterization of organic porous media or gels (or hydrogels) are particularly welcome. Partner from EU Mediterranean Countries with same expertize are also welcome.