Empowering young people for a Transition to Resilience - Ecovillages as a model for sustainability in the Mediterranean region

First name: Niveen
Last name: Adel
Email: niveen000@gmail.com
Name of the organization: CULTNAT
Type of organization: Ministry or other national public administration
Brief description of the organization: The Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage, CULTNAT, is affiliated with Bibliotheca Alexandrina and supported by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The Center's mandate is to document the various aspects of Egypt's tangible and intangible cultural heritage as well as its natural heritage. This involves the implementation of the national plan of action towards the documentation program, making use of the most up-to-date information technology in collaboration with the national and international specialized organizations. The Center also aims at increasing public awareness of Egypt's cultural&natural heritage using all available media as well as building capacities of professionals in the fields of conservation and documentation of cultural and natural heritage.
Telephone: +201003888091
Website: http://www.cultnat.org
Location: Cairo (Egypt)
Project title: Empowering young people for a Transition to Resilience - Ecovillages as a model for sustainability in the Mediterranean region
Brief description of the project: Rural and urban communities around the Mediterranean are currently in danger of losing their social, cultural, ecological and economic cohesion. We are a long way from reaching anything near to sustainable development, and the issues arising from climate change are intensifying. Tensions and conflicts are likely to increase further as resource depletion, water scarcity and economic instability are exacerbated. In this project, we will reach out especially to young people, to inspire and empower them to see new solutions and strategies to overcome these problems. Part of the long-term solution is to diffuse ecovillage strategies and best practices in the area of sustainability and resilience. The project will include: 1. Setting up an interactive map of sustainable communities and organisations that work in this area around the Mediterranean. 2. Setting up a resource database for the cultural and natural heritage pertaining to sustainability in this area. 3. The deliverance of Ecovillage Design Educations or Transition 2 Resilience Trainings for the cross-cultural exchange and learning of young people.
Priority: Priority 4 - Promotion of cultural dialogue and local governance
Measure: 4.1 Support to mobility, exchanges, training and professionalism of young people
Partners already involved: Global Ecovillage Network – Italy/Germany Desert Development Center- Egypt SEKEM- Egypt
Partners searched: EU eligible partners from Cyprus, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey