The Green MED Initiative

First name: Diana
Last name: Kobayter
Name of the organization: Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon
Type of organization: local authority
Brief description of the organization: The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon is an institution for public benefit. It has an independent legal personality and promotes the development of business enterprises. The CCIABML was established in 1887, and today it represents in its membership more than 10,000 Lebanese business firms most of which are SMEs. With such a strong base, CCIABML is today one of the main reference organizations for Lebanon’s business establishments. CCIABML serves Lebanon’s economy and private enterprises through a diversified range of services and activities, some of which are unique in the Arab world. They include Business Information, Training, Bar Codes, Carnet ATA, Carnet TIR and others.
Telephone: +961 1 353 390 ext. 164
Location: Beirut (Lebanon)
Project title: The Green MED Initiative
Brief description of the project: 1.Recycling Centers & Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) The deployment of a cross-border incentive-based recycling program, supported by a wide network of Reverse vending machines RVM’s/Recycling centers across the 6 geographies [around 200-250 points between RVMs & Recycling Centers in total]. This will be achieved using state of the art recycling technology which provides not only the platform for consumer recycling but also a strong medium for interactive communication reaching out to the target community. The proposed technology is widely used across the EU and supports various redemption options. The proposed program will provide the most suitable incentives - based on market preferences- in order to maximize impact. 2.Education / Communication/ Public Awareness In parallel with the recycling activity, the network shall promote a Recycling Awareness Communication Campaign, using the RVMs, Recycling Centers and Redemption Scheme using Audio-Visual and Print Media. The media content will be homogenous across geographies, yet customized to fit local expectations with modern and pleasant flare. Media content can also be the subject of contests to be administered in schools and universities encouraging youth participation. The initiative also entails the development of Educational content cultivating “the preservation of natural common heritage, the reduction of risk factors for the environment, the improvement of energy efficiency and the promotion of the use of renewable energy sources”. This content shall be shared using e-education tools should be made available through the network and also through the integrative initiative “Source” website detailed below. 3.“Source” website The use of the suggested technology in addition to continuous support, will allow the generation of valuable information covering the recycling activity and “Real-time” progress. This information can be provided online on a “Source” website to harness cross-border interaction and progress sharing of the initiative. This website shall have an integrative role, whereby it will be used as an online library for Green and Sustainable practices e-Education material. The website will also provide social-media functionalities, such as blogs and links to other mainstream websites (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…) in order to maximize the users experience, interaction and most importantly active feedback.
Priority: Priority 2 - Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level
Topic: Topic 2 - Waste treatment and recycling
Partners already involved: averda international (Lebanon), Municipality of Beirut (lebanon, Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Navigation of Barcelona (Spain), Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce & Industry (ASCAME - Spain), FUNDITEC (Spain), Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari (Italy), Chamber of Commerce of Marseille-Provence (France)
Partners searched: Ministries, Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, Regional development agencies, Universities, Schools From the following countries: Egypt, Palestine, and Tunisia