Green Train

First name: Adel
Last name: Guindy
Name of the organization: Tourism Development Authority
Type of organization: Ministry or other national public administration
Brief description of the organization: An authority responsible for tourism development and investment promotion throughout Egypt
Telephone: +2012 7768096
Location: Cairo (Egypt)
Project title: Green Train
Brief description of the project: This project aims to "green" the existing rail track, railways stations and train coaches in the Southern Mediterranean Countries and prepare them for tourism purposes within the sustainability framework. The green goals will be realised prototypical and characteristically for the North Coast region of Egypt as an initial model . For this to happen, a new concept will be developed. The stations in Ras el Hekma will be converted into ‘green stations’. One tourist line between Fuka and Alam al Room will be selected. We will identify five stations. Each station is a local impulse project for sustainable tourism, for sustainable building and for sustainable local development. Each station is a court surrounded by arcades with big shadow roofs. This arcades court is the central cell for information, communication, traditional culture, and innovation. In the first place, here it should inform about sustainable tourism and local particularities. In the court we should have just like in a caravanserai marketing, storage and sale of local products (Bedouin tribes). Apart from the local market, a tourist information centre will be built to market tourist offers and rules of regional sustainable tourism. A café or rest house will be built next to it. The rest house will supply the coastal road and the local tourist environment. Another facility below the arcades is a local community centre to convey the information about nature and landscape, tradition, regional cultural heritage sites. Moreover, this is a meeting place for gatherings, which discuss local strategies for the environment, economy, agriculture, infrastructure, and tourism. The green station is a simple building structure. A prototype, built according to ecological standards. The square courtyard offers an open market space. It can be used for the sale of Bedouin and other local products. All building parts are double-shell constructed. On the roofs, we have photovoltaic structures. For water, sewage and solid waste, we will initiate pilot projects. There, the message of using technologies to ensure resource use efficiency will be conveyed as well as recycling and the maintenance of equipment. Every green station can be the initial point for local tourist development and for a new centre of settlement. In any case, they should develop into central market places for all kinds of tourist activities. The focus will be on the train and/or the "Green Solar Train" as an attractor to promote eco-tourism and enable mechanisms for enhancement of natural and cultural heritage in the Mediterranean area in a journey of discovery which encourages the development of sustainable tourism in isolated territories. A model project is to renew existing train stations as well as the existing train track in Ras El Hekma region, and renovate the train coaches and add special coaches for tourists with equipment that could explain the nature of the existing landscape, culture, etc, through using new technologies. The proposal is inspired by the SLOW TOUR initiative – an extension of the very successful Slow Food Movement in Europe ( The objective is to motivate people (visitors in this case), to disconnect from the stressful everyday life and take the time to discover traditional food or handicraft produced in a sustainable way and to learn more about culture, nature and people of the host country. Such train, initially developed in Egypt, in the future can be extended along the African Mediterranean Coast, becoming one railway line crossing all Countries in a discovery journey of North Africa bringing a constant flow of tourism as sustainment to local economies and cultures. The project is to be considered as a starting point and first phase of a “Green Train through Egypt” initiative.
Priority: Priority 1 - Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories
Topic: Topic 2 - Sustainable Tourism
Partners already involved:
Partners searched: Ferrocaib Mallorca, solar train in Brussels, Government representatives or departments for tourism, Province of Cagliari, Tourism SME associations & still looking for an applicant and partners..