Implementation of traditional & innovative activities for Sustainable tourism in the North West Coast

First name: Adel
Last name: Guindy
Name of the organization: Tourism Development Authority
Type of organization: Ministry or other national public administration
Brief description of the organization: The TDA (Tourism Development Authority) is a constituent of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism with several regional offices. Following the approval and authorization of the National Tourism Strategy, the TDA has approved the "Regional Vision and the Tourism Development Planning for the North West Coast Region of Egypt: Ras El Hekma - Matrouh". The overall goal of the regional vision is to include the North-West Coast region on the international tourism map by strengthening its regional competitiveness to attract international tourists from around the world. A Master Plan was developed in an attempt to structure the tourism sector in the North West Coast region through an integrated regional tourism development plan. The Master Plan has identified the 100km coastline (from Matrouh City to Ras El Hekma ) as a destination for environmental tourism.Several projects were outlined to promote sustainable tourism and create local employment opportunities, reduce poverty and protect the local natural and cultural heritage.
Telephone: +2012 7768096
Location: Cairo (Egypt)
Project title: Implementation of traditional & innovative activities for Sustainable tourism in the North West Coast
Brief description of the project: The main project aims to implement local communities' economy based both on traditional and innovative activities. It is divided into 3 sub-projects each concerning a specific activity: • Biological agriculture • Traditional and new craftsmanship • Green energy production also through waste recycling Each project of the above mentioned ones will be running parallel to social upgrading through special training of the working force and special solutions for the built community environment: • Specific training offered by specialized SMEs in bilateral partnerships for each economic activity • Traditional architecture and construction activities through training and execution of the local people (as guide-line and support to settlement of new small-scale local communities) Such projects will be divided into 3 projects to be presented to ENPI and are absolutely complementary to each other. Therefore they can be part of more calls for proposals and can be carried out at different times in different tenders. Bio-agriculture will serve local communities' and touristic top-level sustainable resorts (The Other Egypt Resorts) and its production through a correct development and implementation can be exported to other markets becoming an international brand for the area {"bio-dates of the Pharahos", "bio-bananas of the desert", including refined/worked products embattled etc.}. People working and managing bio-agriculture will be trained by specialized Italian-Egyptian SMEs joint in cooperation, and the establishment/production of skilled workers can spread the initiative and the bio-agriculture around Egypt. The productive process will use processed organic waste coming from communities and resorts as fertilizers. With the same spirit and respect of environment, the implementation in the area of local traditional and eventually new-innovative craftmanship will give products to be sold to different markets, to tourism, both to hotels, single visitors, local markets. Such products can include small scale objects like bedouin jewellery or lamps, up to larger scale objects such as rugs or furniture. And they can be also exported. Green Energy will serve communities, resorts and activities. Any plant if needed in large scale (such as photovoltaic or desalination plants) will be positioned in back desert areas where they don't visibly disturb and where the environmental impact will be limited and controlled. Houses will have their own small scale plants to be self-sufficient especially in warm water and electricity production/consumption. Training by specialized SMEs coming from Italy and in cooperation with Egyptian partners will be carried out based on a predefined program. Training will be specific for the 3 activities of biological agriculture, craft-man-ship, and green energy production, based on a X-years activity depending on funds and project revenues. Workers will live gathered in communities. Any building related to this project and/or included in the project area will follow traditional construction techniques and local materials but letting locals express their needs and taste in positioning, relation with the surrounding, letting the spontaneity of natural born settlements survive and give birth to new settlements conserving local identity together with the individuals’ taste and vision. Such final product of (semi) spontaneous settlement can therefore be a further attraction for tourists, but especially reconstituting that territorial identity through addition and interaction of anthropic signs/interventions which are vital signals in the territory
Priority: Priority 1 - Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories
Topic: Topic 2 - Sustainable Tourism
Partners already involved:
Partners searched: Government representatives or departments for tourism; Tourism SME associations, universities,We are looking for an applicant and partners