Integrated Med Waste Reduction and Management at local level

First name: Davide
Last name: Strangis
Name of the organization: ARCO LATINO
Type of organization: Other
Other: Network of Local Intermediate Authorities
Brief description of the organization: The network Arco Latino was born based on the territorial cooperation experience gathered during the 90s, officially becoming an association in 2002. It is located in the north-western Euro-Meditearranean area, making up a macro-region that shares geographical, cultural, economic and social similarities. As a space for political and technical cooperation, Arco Latino is formed by intermediate Mediterranean local authorities. Their current members are Spanish Provincial Councils and Insular Councils, French Departments and Italian Provinces, thus representing 10% of the European Union population and territory. Arco Latino members can define joint initiatives (communication, political and pilot projects) that are necessary for the development of this Euro-territory and that have a major impact. Arco Latino´s main objectives are: 1. Define an integrated development and planning strategy for the Arco Latino area, including and mobilizing the socioeconomic actors from the bottom to the top 2. Establish a regular, dynamic and flexible agreement focused on the most important fields of regional development 3. Cooperate in common projects and initiatives; 4. Defend the regional interests and needs in front of the EC and national institutions; 5. Create a space of cooperation with the South Mediterranean countries. The Arco Latino members work within 4 Thematic Commissions on : Social, Territorial, Economic Cohesion and Cooperation in the Mediterranean area.
Telephone: +34 934049369
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Project title: Integrated Med Waste Reduction and Management at local level
Brief description of the project: Main objectives: 1. Reduction of the production of waste (urban and other similar) generated and delivered to landfills and incinerators. 2. Integration of different waste flows with particular attention to ship and industrial generated waste. Envisaged outcomes: 1. Common Mediterranean Information/ informatics System of notification and monitoring of waste generated/transported by ships; 2. Integration of waste flows proceeding from different types of users to ensure the achievement of the critical mass necessary to start recovery and recycling; 3. Smaller quantities of waste produced and sent to landfill and incinerators; 4. Minor amounts of CO2 equivalent emissions; 5. Dissemination of project results at international scale. Projet summary avaliable on the Arco Latino web site (currently in Italian and in French. Soon also in English). Italian : French :
Priority: Priority 2 - Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level
Topic: Topic 2 - Waste treatment and recycling
Partners already involved: Province of Salerno; Campania Region; Arco Latino Network; other local intermediate authorities from Arco Latino Network
Partners searched: - Local (municipal and intermediate level) and regional authorities - Chambers of Commerce - Industrial Unions - Universities and Research Centres - Civil Society Organisations From EU Mediterranean Countries-EUMC and Mediterranean Partner Countries-MPC