Integration and execution of an optimized solar energy management system in rural areas.

First name: Helen
Last name: Nasr
Name of the organization: SciTek S.A.R.L.
Type of organization: Company and other economic operator
Brief description of the organization: Scitek is a rapidly growing services based in Beirut, Lebanon. The company employs engineers in a variety of technological applications as well as management experts and policy consultant. Close to both Europe and the Middle-East, Scitek offers particular advantages to clients. Our multilingual professionals combine international experience with local knowledge of culture and working context. Our well established contacts with Lebanese and Middle Eastern institutions, as well as the UN, EU and US, allow us to proceed quickly and reliably in the execution of our clients’ projects.
Telephone: +961 1 424 623
Location: Beirut (Lebanon)
Project title: Integration and execution of an optimized solar energy management system in rural areas.
Brief description of the project: Being in a region with abundant sunshine almost all over the year make this region one of the best location in the world to develop and implement solar technologies. This project aims to install, validate and test the applicability of “smart-like” integrated energy management and load balancing at the local level, particularly by integrating the production and management of renewable energy sources and more specifically solar energy for residential, small or medium public facilities use especially in some isolated villages. The project will review, develop, apply, and test techniques for energy management at this level. The main outcome of the project would be techniques that optimize local power utilization by integrating current grid supply systems with the diverse renewable energy sources that are currently technically feasible, such as; thermal solar and photovoltaic panels. This demonstrative project should raise the public awareness on these new benefic technologies, as well as a technology transfer from the developed regions. As a long-term outcome, the project’s techniques would facilitate the future integration of smart metering and, potentially, reverse metering. This will go a long way to enhancing energy efficiency and integrated energy management in the Eastern Countries Supported by the Western Countries. The implemented project would form the technical basis of any future conservation efforts adapted to the unique needs of the country.
Priority: Priority 2 - Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level
Topic: Topic 3 - Solar energy
Partners already involved: Universite Libanaise - Faculte de Genie II
Partners searched: from all participating countries