MARIS (Mediterranean Agrocluster for a Revitalized and Integrated Sea)

First name: Cheo
Last name: Díez
Name of the organization: Orihuela City Council
Type of organization: Regional or local public administration
Brief description of the organization: Area of Promotion and Local Development of Orihuela City Council
Telephone: +0034 96 673 79 93
Location: Orihuela (ALicante) (Spain)
Project title: MARIS (Mediterranean Agrocluster for a Revitalized and Integrated Sea)
Brief description of the project: The essential philosophy of MARIS Project can be defined as the organization of an educational, social, financial, business, technological, administrative, legal and operational infrastructure based on the concentration of companies, entities, institutions and administrations involved, one way or another, within the framework of agrarian activity developed on the territories of application. And all this on the basis of the following priority aims: -Establish an agro-industrial and food infrastructure to promote socio-economic development and enhancement of the territories (Priority 1 of the Programme), revitalizing the action groups creating synergies among the countries of the Mediterranean Sea Basin (1st topic: Agro-food). -Modernize and promote the change of cities' operational paradigm to reinforce and dignify the role of agricultural businessmen, more precisely, of the business entities, work cooperatives and other entities of transformation, marketing and distribution of agricultural productions in the ENPI Programme spheres of action. All this by means of the development of actions directed towards: -Promote the integrated production mechanisms of agricultural activity on the basis of the maximum use of resources and natural production elements to guarantee, in the long term, a sustainable agriculture. -Foster technological enhancement and qualitative and quantitative generation change in the food and agriculture industry. -Incorporate procedures, knowledge, instruments, tools and casuistry of agricultural best practices in the whole process and productive stages. -Promote educational and learning processes to develop and consolidate those actions to favour the creation of new agricultural companies integrated into the Agrocluster, particularly focusing on professional reinsertion and qualification of those manufacturing sectors underprivileged by restructuring processes of the job market and/or the crisis of the traditional cultivation system to the detriment of other uses of land and/or productive activities. All the above mentioned under the protection of the Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise as an essential plan of action for the creation of new agricultural entrepreneurs, and professional strengthening of those pre-existing in the Mediterranean Sea Basin. -Design a protocol of action with measures viewed separately to define a common strategy for an integral development of sustainable agriculture in the Mediterranean Sea Basin under the following basics: food quality and security; sustainability and efficiency of the resources put into practice in the production process (water, energy, human capital, etc.); promotion of multi-functionality in the agriculture sector as a source of resources, wealth, development, environmental and landscaping and, consequently, as a relevant functional and cultural sustenance in the Mediterranean Sea Basin territories. The priorities of MARIS Project are implemented in the territories of activity by means of a series of actions covering the scope of the Neighbourhood Policy fostered by the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Basin Programme as shown bellow: -Creation of an Institutional Foundation whose objective is the organization of all elements and actors (public and private) as an integral part of the agriculture production system (Agrocluster). Its essential target will be to foster and manage all inherent activities to clusterization (association of the local agriculture productive chain) of civil service, enterprises, professionals, financial entities, associations, cooperatives and private individuals connected somehow with agriculture activity.
Priority: Priority 1 - Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories
Topic: Topic 1 - Agro-food
Partners already involved: - Orihuela City Council (Spain) - Associazione Sviluppo Rurale (Italy) - Hellenic Regional Development Center (Greece) - Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem (Palestine) - Juhoud for Community and Rural Development (Palestine)
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