First name: Giovanni
Last name: Grandinetti
Name of the organization: Dino Leone Foundation
Type of organization: NGO
Brief description of the organization: Dino Leone Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 and currently located in Southern Italy (Apulia , Italy). The general aim of Foundation is to promote prevention and control of cancer (and other pathologies) by means of basic and clinical research studies based on healthy food and nutrition. Our foundation enlisted various professional figures who operate in the following fields: medicine, chemistry, pharmacology, immunology, biology and computer science.
Telephone: +393209312673
Location: Bari (Italy)
Project title: MycoMED
Brief description of the project: Mycotoxins in wheat-based food products: human health implications. The Mediterranean basin is a large geographical region with a temperate climate ideal for the production of different kind of cereals (essentially wheat, maize and rice). On these host plants, pathogenic fungi can synthesize toxic secondary metabolites which may lead to the accumulation of mycotoxins in colonized tissues. Mycotoxin formation begin in pre-harvest infected plants standing in the field and continued in post-harvested and stored products. Therefore, mycotoxyn accumulation in plants products and in processed food represents a significant economic issue and poses a serious problem for animal and human health. Our study aim at unmasking the relationship existing between consumption of mycotoxyn-contaminated food (wheat, corn, barley and their by-products) and incidence of alimentary intolerances, dysmetabolic syndromes and other potential chronic diseases eventually leading to cancer. The proposed multidisciplinary study will contribute to understand whether and how mycotoxin contamination of wheat-based products may lead to human chronic- and acute toxicity. Among other things, the project aims to develop an ICT platform to support research and publish results, establish workshops and seminars for the promotion and dissemination of results, characterize the production of wheat maize and rice on each study area.
Priority: Priority 1 - Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories
Measure: 1.1 Support to innovation and research in the process of local development of the Mediterranean Sea Basin countries
Partners already involved:
Partners searched: Universities and Biomedical research institutes, public organizations, governmental organizations including local & regional authorities, economic entities of European and Non European countries of the Mediterranean basin.