New tourism SMEs in the Egyptian North Coast within a wider Mediterranean network

First name: Adel
Last name: Guindy
Name of the organization: Tourism Development Authority
Type of organization: Ministry or other national public administration
Brief description of the organization: The TDA (Tourism Development Authority) is a constituent of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism with several regional offices. Following the approval and authorization of the National Tourism Strategy, the TDA has approved the "Regional Vision and the Tourism Development Planning for the North West Coast Region of Egypt: Ras El Hekma - Matrouh". The overall goal of the regional vision is to include the North-West Coast region on the international tourism map by strengthening its regional competitiveness to attract international tourists from around the world. A Master Plan was developed in an attempt to structure the tourism sector in the North West Coast region through an integrated regional tourism development plan. The Master Plan has identified the 100km coastline (from Matrouh City to Ras El Hekma ) as a destination for environmental tourism. Several projects were outlined to promote sustainable tourism and create local employment opportunities, reduce poverty and protect the local natural and cultural heritage.
Telephone: +2012 7768096
Location: Cairo (Egypt)
Project title: New tourism SMEs in the Egyptian North Coast within a wider Mediterranean network
Brief description of the project: The project aims to implement sustainable tourism projects to enhancing local economy and offer jobs in the North Coast of Egypt to decrease illegal migration while conserving local identity on the principles of sustainability and based on traditional resources and activities. The project will eventually be divided into sub-projects each concerning a specific activity: detection, conservation and implementation of historical, architectural, cultural heritage; *recovery and implementation of traditional production activities so to conserve and implement historical memory and identity of the area; *implementation of sustainable transportation inside a wider Mediterranean network. All of these activities have the ultimate target to enhance the local economy by organizing a territory on the basis of its original identity, so to diversify itself from global economy and global activities, by recovering territorial, historical traditions in a contemporary key of lecture and fruition. Major fruition of these interventions will be a respectful, cultural tourism, to be collocated in the wider frame of the Mediterranean as one single, sustainable and integrated entity. It will also give the region an identity as an alternative of the usual touristic routes which characterize Egypt.
Priority: Priority 1 - Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories
Topic: Topic 2 - Sustainable Tourism
Partners already involved:
Partners searched: Government representatives, local authorities or departments for tourism; Tourism SME associations, Universities, & still looking for an applicant