REAL-AID: REAL time monitoring of environmental parameters in Mediterranean urban areas using the AID (Atmospheric pollution Intelligent Defence) system

First name: Apostolos
Last name: Karteris
Name of the organization: kartECO
Type of organization: Company and other economic operator
Brief description of the organization: The team of kartECO has been especially organized and staffed, in order to provide high quality services in terms of Environmental and Energy Consultancy on National and European basis. The team of kartECO consists of engineers with MSc and PhDs specialized on environmental and energy issues, such as protection and management of natural environment and renewable energy resources, envrironmental technologies, assessments building energy performance, photovoltaic systems, green roof systems, water and wastewater reuse, educational programs on environment and energy issues, as well as, participation in National and European research and investment funded programs. Specific members are chartered engineers with a license on providing energy auditing. (German Certification – Energieberater TUD). The company's staff is involved through the organization/contribution of specialized seminars on Environmental protection technologies and energy efficiency and tutoring and university lecturing of relevant subjects . The team of kartECO has a network of energy and environmental experts colleagues and contact points especially in Transitional countries in East Europe, Balkans, Baltic and Black Sea.
Telephone: +30 (2310) 365 441
Location: Thessaloniki (Greece)
Project title: REAL-AID: REAL time monitoring of environmental parameters in Mediterranean urban areas using the AID (Atmospheric pollution Intelligent Defence) system
Brief description of the project: Urbanization remains a key feature of the Mediterranean region. Many environmental issues are related to the demographic dynamics and sustainable urban development is a major challenge for both sides of the Mediterranean Basin. Among the common challenges facing urban management on both shores of the Basin is the limitation of air pollution and its impact on health, environment and the living quality of populations. Therefore, even if urban dynamics are quite different on the two shores, there is a need for an operating system facing these challenges. AID is an innovative information system comprised of a multi agent system with basic target to assess environmental pollution problems and to support any measures in REAL TIME. The system is based on a network of intelligent multi agents that is capable in REAL TIME to receive and assess data simultaneously from various environmental sensors in order to perceive the environmental status and assist decision actions for protecting citizens and environment. The system has already been developed for crucial parameters, but further development incorporating more environmental agents is needed in order to achieve an integrated approach to the problem. The main objective of the project is the reduction of the effect of air pollution at urban level by the use of the AID system. Further objectives are the transfer of new technologies and a management system assisting prevention practices, supporting decision making and quick response in critical conditions, propose actions to a number of users and facilitate urban living and environmental welfare.
Priority: Priority 2 - Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level
Measure: 2.1 Prevention and reduction of risk factors for the environment and enhancement of natural common heritage
Partners already involved: Democritus University of Thrace (Greece)
Partners searched: Cyprus, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia