Technologies to obtain environmental information to use in the coast management

First name: Baltasar
Last name: Estarellas
Name of the organization: Hook System S.L.
Type of organization: Company and other economic operator
Brief description of the organization: Hook systems S.L. is a company specialized in the nautical tourism. They are betting on the technological innovation for the effective management and control of the resources. The most innovative projects which they participate are related to the development of technological devices of last generation. The company has a multidisciplinary team that allows to address different areas of business in the nautical sector, but in recent times have specialized in the development of innovative technologies and methodologies for better the management of natural resources in the coast, with the ultimate goal to enhance the sustainable tourism.
Location: Palma (Spain)
Project title: Technologies to obtain environmental information to use in the coast management
Brief description of the project: This project seeks to promote a series of actions that meet the criteria for coast management that currently pose to the maintenance of natural and tourist resources in the long term in the Mediterranean coast. With this project we try to develop a specific technology that allows the enhancement of environmental underwater resources. We want to develop a tool to make a underwater cartography detecting the environmental issues. In this project we combine a pioneering technology that allows an automatically collection of submarine information and strong processing of it, with high quality results and multiple applications in coast management. This technology will consist of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) with certain specifications and data processing software that will obtain many layers of useful information. This system will be applied in management plans in areas with high environmental attractions, as well as the development of environment control based on enhancing the resources available in each region. In addition, information collected opens a wide range of possible applications of the results in many fields including underwater tourism, environmental science, high-resolution mapping, environmental consulting, environmental impact studies, protection of natural spaces, and so on.
Priority: Priority 1 - Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories
Topic: Topic 3 - Integrated coastal management
Partners already involved:
Partners searched: - Companies, public administration, coast departments, governmental organizations or authorities who are interesting in order to obtain high resolution cartography about their coastal areas, with applications in environmental and tourist management. Countries: EGYPT, ISRAEL, JORDAN, LEBANON, PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY, SYRIA and TUNISIA.