Tunez Proect

First name: Vittoria
Last name: Curreri
Email: projects@finnovaregio.eu
Name of the organization: Azahar Foundation
Type of organization: Company and other economic operator
Brief description of the organization: The Azahar Foundation was created on April 15, 2009, on initiative of the Azahar Group , one of the companies with more I take root in Castellón's province. The headquarters are located in Castellón's city, where the Azahar Group has his headquarter. The aim is to consolidate a solidary and respectful future with the environment, so that there is promoted a socio-economic sustainable development approaching different lines of action, which spend for the reutilization of natural resources, as the water, the recycling residue, as the rubber and the solid urban residues (RSU) and the production of biomass for energy, between others.
Location: Valencia (Spain)
Project title: Tunez Proect
Brief description of the project: The present project is aiming at the global development for the creation of a new company formed by partners in Tunisia Tunisian, our Spanish company Banic, SL, together with other partners in the project, whose objectives are: 1. Production of vegetable oil and non-food lignocellulosic biomass using as main raw material for energy crops in two plant species developed and patented by our company and its partners in recent years. 2 Social revitalization of the Governorate of Gafsa by creating stable jobs for the rural setting, together with the revitalization of agriculture and livestock 3 Soil remediation currently unproductive poor, combating desertification in the area and landscape improvement. 4. Production of vegetable oil that could be sold to local companies engaged in the production of biodiesel, lignocellulosic biomass production that can be sold properly treated as renewable fuel in Europe and, in turn, generate electricity and thermal energy from renewable sources likely to be used in the area to reduce its dependence on foreign energy and reduce fossil fuel consumption by reducing the emission of C02 into the atmosphere. Objective: This is test our varieties of energy crops to optimize performance in Gafsa and to ensure project success. It involves: - Cultivation in Gafsa 4 ha of our varieties of energy crops. - Density of planting 100,000 50,000 seedlings / ha. - Study the possibility of direct seeding. - Data will be suitable for orchard, seedling size, and improved varieties more adapted to the area. - Type of soil and irrigation water most suitable of those available in the area to optimize yields. - Study of pests and diseases in the area.
Priority: Priority 1 - Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories
Measure: Priority 1 - Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories
Partners already involved:
Partners searched: We are looking for partners from Tunisia and Jordan