Youth Cultural mobility in the Mediterranean Basin / YouMoMeB

First name: Niki
Last name: Bouziotopoulou
Name of the organization: Association of The Friends of the Greek Island and the Sea
Type of organization: NGO
Brief description of the organization: The Association of The Friends of the Greek Island and the Sea was established as a non profit organization in 1992 by a group of friends concerned for the future cultural development of the children of Greek islands due to their geographical isolation. Objectives To offer island children, remote from the cultural centres of the Greek mainland, the opportunity to maintain their traditions and to learn music and art, to attend concerts and other cultural events on the mainland. To research and study the preservation of local traditions and the environment. To raise the awareness of the value of popular and local tradition. To raise the awareness and pride of the islanders, especially the younger generation in their own history, traditions and environment and to encourage their desire to preserve these.
Telephone: +306977207281
Location: Athens (Greece)
Project title: Youth Cultural mobility in the Mediterranean Basin / YouMoMeB
Brief description of the project: The aim is to create the appropriate partnership amongst countries of the Mediterranean, Associations and Foundations with the aim to support music culture in young ages, via mobility activities, training, concerts, workshops, seminars. The purpose is to give special emphasis to mobility via organized orchestras, coordinate common activities such as concerts and publications which will enhance the dissemination of the YouMoMeB activities and will provide significant support to the work that has already been undertaken by partners. The cultural advantages of such exchanges will benefit both the involved students and the trainers.
Priority: Priority 4 - Promotion of cultural dialogue and local governance
Measure: 4.2 Support to the artistic creativity in all its expressions to encourage dialogue among communities
Partners already involved:
Partners searched: Assosiations and Foundations of Culture and Arts, NGOs, Music Education Programmes, Local Authorities