Call for strategic projects: closing of the first stage

The first stage of the call for strategic projects - Concept Note - is closed since 14th July. The Joint Managing Authority would like to thank all participants for the interest demonstrated in this call.

Some statistics on the number of submitted proposals and the participation by theme and country will be soon made available on the Programme website.

The procedure for selection and evaluation concerning the first stage of the call for strategic projects will take place as follows (see section 4.2.1 of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants):

• The JMA with support of the JTS will proceed to the opening session and then to the administrative check in order to verify whether the deadline for submission and the criteria of the checklist for the Concept Note have been respected.
• If these criteria have been satisfied, a qualitative evaluation of the proposal will then be carried out by two external assessors.

A ranking of Concept Notes which have been obtained at least 30 points following the evaluation of quality will be established. This list will be reduced to the number of proposals whose sum of requested contributions amounts to at least twice the available budget for this call, taking into account the indicative financial envelopes foreseen for each Priority.

The Joint Managing Authority will send to the European Commission the list of the potentially pre-selected Concept Notes in order verify the coherence with projects and programmes funded under other EU policies. The results of this consultation will be included in the Evaluation Report to be approved by the Projects Selection Committee and the Joint Monitoring Committee.

Finally, the JMA will send a letter to all Applicants having submitted a Concept Note, specifying the following information: respect of the deadline and administrative criteria, and as the case may be, score obtained during the qualitative evaluation.

After this first step of selection, the preselected Applicants will be invited to submit a Full Application Form (within 45 calendar days from the notification date of pre-selection) as well as the supporting documents for the eligibility check (no later than 45 calendar days from the date of the submission of the Full Application Form).

An indicative timetable of the entire evaluation procedure of the call for strategic projects can be consulted in section 4.5 of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants.