Call for strategic projects: more than 300 proposals submitted

The ENPI CBC Med call for strategic projects attracted so far 302 applications, involving around 3000 Euro-Mediterranean actors, an average of 10 organisations per project.

The value of the proposals submitted is close to € 1,18 billion and a total amount of € 1 billion ENPI contribution was requested. This is more than 16 times the budget available of the call, which is € 62,4 million.

As seen in the attached graph, all 14 countries covered by the Programme are present in this call. Almost 43% of the partners are coming from Mediterranean Partner Countries while Italy, Spain and Greece are the most active Applicants.

In terms of priorities favoured by the Applicants, Priority 1 (“Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories”) attracted 60% of projects, the remaining 40% focusing on Priority 2 (“Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level”). This is in line with the budget breakdown foreseen for the call for strategic projects. As highlighted in the attached graph, agro-food industry and sustainable tourism are the most “popular” topics in this call.

The administrative check of the Concept Notes is ongoing. Only those projects fulfilling all the administrative and technical criteria will be admitted to the qualitative evaluation.

Disclaimer: the information contained in this article and in the attached presentation are to be considered as provisional since the opening session is ongoing.

Call for strategic projects: statistics on submitted Concept Notes