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Promotion of new forms of tourism, innovative management of water at urban level, valorisation of the Greco-Roman heritage, reinforcement of cooperation in the audiovisual sector: these are a few examples of the topics addressed by the standard projects funded by the Programme.

List of awarded grant contracts (updated on 09.02.2012)

Some fact sheets presenting the partnership, objectives, expected results and budget of these projects can be consulted below.

Priority 1 Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories

Measure 1.1 Support to innovation and research in the process of local development of the Mediterranean Sea Basin countries

Cultural and Archaeological heritage in the Mediterranean Basin (ArcheoMed)
Bio Exploration - Novel methodology for the Identification of Valuable Natural Products Derived from Mediterranean Flora (Bio-Xplore)
Promotion des systèmes camelins innovants et des filières locales pour une gestion durable des territoires sahéliens (PROCAMED)

Measure 1.2 Strengthening economic clusters creating synergies among potentials of the Mediterranean Sea Basin countries

Mediterranean Route for Tourism and Culture (MED-ROUTE)
Mediterranean Network of sustainable small-scale fishing communities (FISHINMED)

Measure 1.3 Strengthening the national strategies of territorial planning by integrating the different levels, and promotion of balanced and sustainable socio-economic development

New Cities of the Mediterranean Sea Basin (NEWCIMED)
Empowerment of Management Capacities of the Middle Eastern Public Bodies on Public Services and Socio-Economical Local Development (MIDEMP)
Territorial networking for capacity building and local development: a cross-border experience linking Lebanon, Jordan, France, Italy (T-NET)

Priority 2 Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level

Measure 2.1 Prevention and reduction of risk factors for the environment and enhancement of natural common heritage

Management of port areas in the Mediterranean Sea Basin (MAPMED)
Sustainable domestic Water Use in Mediterranean Regions (SWMED)
Mediterranean Cooperation in the Treatment and Valorisation of Olive Mill Wastewater (MEDOLICO)
Promoting sustainable groundwater resources in the Mediterranean Basin: improving technical and administrative skills in selected Mediterranean Basin municipalities to alleviate pollution of groundwater
Aqua knowledge and innovation transfer for water saving in the Mediterranean basin (AQUAKNIGHT)
Rénovation Energétique des Logements (RELS)

Measure 2.2 Promotion of renewable energy use and improvement of energy efficiency contributing to addressing, among other challenges, climate change

Réseau d’Action en matière de Mobilité Urbaine Durable (RAMUD)

Priority 4 Promotion of cultural dialogue and local governance

Measure 4.2 Support to the artistic creativity in all its expressions to encourage dialogue among communities

Culture in the Mediterranean and Europe - Weaving on Common Threads (CulMe-WeOnCT)
Histoires de retours et d’exodes (NOSTOI)

Measure 4.3 Improvement of the governance processes at local level

New Performances for Mediterranean Tourism (NEWPER)
Transfert de savoir-faire en Méditerranée pour le développement durable des communautés locales en zones rurales défavorisées (VILLAGES)

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