JMA at MedaFinance 2010

Access to finance is a key driver for the development of small businesses. Each year, the MedaFinance conference reviews the financing instruments - venture capital, private equity, lines of credit, loans, grants and technical assistance - available in the Mediterranean area to support the growth of SMEs.

Organized by the Conferation of Egyptian European Business Associations in the framework of the EU funded “Invest in Med” programme, the goal of MedaFinance 2010 (Cairo, 19th and 20th October) is to raise awareness on funds available, clarify the application processes and encourage SMEs to make use of these instruments.

The Conference has provided to over 500 participants a comprehensive overview of financial instruments offered by donors such as United Nations, European Investment Bank, African and Arab development banks.

During the plenary session on “Grants and Technical Assistance” bringing together representatives from UNDP, European Commission, German (GTZ) and Japanese (JICA) national development agencies, the JMA, while presenting the opportunities of the ENPI CBC Med Programme, highlighted the need to better coordinate the various existing initiatives - over 250 instruments exceeding € 22 billion are available in the Mediterranean area - in order to avoid any projects duplication and maximize the effects of Euro-Med cooperation.

The JMA also discussed this issue with the Ministry of International Cooperation and the EU delegation in Egypt.

Brochure of MedaFinance 2010 [pdf]
MEDAFinance 2010 Survey [pdf]
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