Programme wins 2012 Eurocommunication award

The ENPI CBC Med Programme has won the 2012 “Eurocommunication award” organised by the Italian Association for Public and Institutional Communication.

During a ceremony held at the Salesian University Institute of Venice on 2nd February, ENPI News Live - the Programme newsletter drafted in Arabic, English and French - was distinguished as best practice with regards to “its design, editorial quality and overall efficiency. ENPI News Live is a communication tool which contributes to bringing the citizens closer to the EU institutions”.

Since one the key challenges of the Programme is to address a large area characterised by social, economic and cultural differences, the communication strategy implemented by the Joint Managing Authority aims at making all potential beneficiaries aware of the existing cooperation opportunities as well as at informing the general public about the results achieved. In this sense, the 2012 Eurocommunication award acknowledges the efforts exerted by the 14 participating countries and the Joint Managing Authority.

This prize represents an encouragement to pursue in the future the ambitious objective of diffusing as much as possible the idea that common Mediterranean challenges can be successfully addressed by cross-border partnerships able to deliver joint and shared solutions.

The Eurocommunication award is a prestigious international recognition which has been granted in the past 4 years to the Italian Ministry of Domestic Affairs, the Kingston University, various Italian Regions and journalists.