Reminder: deadline for sending Concept Notes on 14 July

The JMA reminds that the deadline for sending the Concept Notes is Thursday 14th July, as evidenced by the postmark, the date of the deposit slip or in the case of hand-deliveries, by the signed and dated receipt.

According to section 4.1.2 of the Guidelines for Applicants, the Concept Note together with the Declaration by the Applicant (for Concept Note) must be submitted in one (1) paper original and one (1) copy in A4 size, each bound. The Declaration by the Applicant must be stapled separately and enclosed in the envelope.

Concept Notes must be submitted also in electronic format (CD-ROM or USB). The electronic format must contain exactly the same information as the paper version enclosed (after validation of the Concept Note, the code at the bottom of each page is the same).

Where an Applicant submits different Concept Notes, each one must be sent separately.

Concept Notes must be submitted in a sealed envelope by registered mail, private courier service or by hand-delivery (a signed and dated certificate of receipt will be given to the deliverer) to the following address:

Regione Autonoma della Sardegna - Presidenza
Autorità di Gestione Comune del Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Via Bacaredda 184
09127 Cagliari - Italia

Concept Notes sent by fax or by email or delivered to other addresses will be rejected.

The outer envelope must bear - under penalty of exclusion - the wording “ENPI CBC MED: call for proposals for strategic projects / Concept Note stage” - “non aprire prima della opening session / do not open before the opening session”. Moreover, the outer envelope should also report the full name and address of the Applicant as well as the priority addressed.

Validation of the Concept Note

The JMA also reminds that submitted Concept Notes should be validated according to question 4.2.