MEDinVIEW: Towards an innovative culture and tourism offer in the Mediterranean region

Thematic objective: A.1 Business and SMEs development
Priority: Priority A.1.3 Encourage sustainable tourism initiatives and actions aimed at diversifying into new segments and niches
Brief description of the project: MedinView project proposes an innovative approach for promoting touristic areas/cultural heritage sites located by the Mediterranean coastline via the unique offer of the TRIPinVIEW platform ( ) in conjunction with recent results from EU COSME projects ( TRIPinVIEW platform presents high-quality, geo-tagged/synchronized videos&photos taken with a manned helicopter. At present the entire Mediterranean coastline incl. main islands of Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Greece and Turkey has been captured and presented “meter by meter”. CulturePolis’ s EU recent expertise in cultural heritage sites management & promotion & know-how on cultural tourism combined with the TripinView cutting edge platform, will unleash the touristic-aesthetic potential of the Mediterranean coastline & the wealth of the cultural offer in the area (cultural heritage sites, CCIs & more etc.) & reinforce tourism in the region.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: Expansion of TRIPinVIEW platform to map also the Northern African- Asian coasts for touristic, cultural & other purposes;enhance it by using state of the art technologies (VR, 3D).Other objectives:identify cultural treasures & visualize common Med heritage to create alternative business synergies among tourism operators in Mediterranean;allow for tourism promotion initiatives; design training programs/skills development schemes for young entrepreneurs;propose synergies among MED partners.
Expected results: 1.Tools for remote visual overview for 60.000 km of the entire Mediterranean coastline 2.Touristic and cultural promotion of the area using novel approaches 3.High visibility of cultural sites 4.Enhanced opportunities for national and regional development through the projection of the natural and cultural sites 5.Offer of unique promotion opportunities to local tourism service businesses 6.Promotion of a Mediterranean-wide consultative body for the surveillance of coastal and maritime tourism.
Partners already involved: CulturePolis (GR); GEOTAG Aeroview (CY)
Partners searched: Organizations and institutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Spain, France involved in Tourism / Cultural Tourism and related entrepreneurship; specialized private firms in culture/ tourism, Public Authorities, Municipalities and Regional public bodies, Associations of Tourism SMEs, Universities etc.
Total estimated budget: 3.000.000 €
First name: Konstantina
Last name: Karameri
Name of the organisation: CulturePolis
Type of organisation: NGO
City: Corfu (Kamara)
Country: Greece
Phone number: +306955365043; +306944726602
Skype contact: konstantina.karameris