Efficacité énergétique en Méditerranée : le vice-président du Parlement européen David Sassoli participera à l’évènement final du projet MED-DESIRE

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Mr. David Sassoli, Vice-President of the European Parliament with responsibility on the European Neighbourhood Policy, will be among the speakers of the final event of the MED-DESIRE  project to take place in Rome on 18 December.

Under the title "The sun for you: sustainable energy for the Mediterranean", the event will showcase project results and allow representatives from national and international organizations to discuss perspectives of solar energy and energy efficiency in the Mediterranean countries. Speakers include Mr. Khalid Chaouki, member of the Italian Parliament and President of the Cultural Commission of the Union for Mediterranean’s Parliamentary Assembly, and Mr. Ahmed Badr, Executive Director of Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of Egypt.

MED-DESIRE has developed a strategic approach to the deployment of renewable energy and distributed energy efficiency in the target countries, working both in terms of stimulus to the sustainable energy technologies demand through the development of innovative financial instruments or proposals to change the sector regulation, and in terms of quality of components and systems, focusing on technological standards and training.

Among the results achieved by the 9 partners from 5 countries (Egypt, Italy Lebanon, Spain, and Tunisia) are:

• 3 innovative financial mechanisms to foster the diffusion of distributed solar energy in Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon;
• 3 solar ordinances (set of legal provisions) to support solar energy development in pilot municipalities in Tunisia (Hammam-Sousse), Lebanon (Tyre) and Egypt through the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA);
• 10 training courses involving over 150 participants;
• 200 companies, professionals and business organizations, 100 central and local administrations and institutions involved in the project activities.

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