ECOSAFIMED: kick-off meeting

The project " ECOSAFIMED " (Towards Ecosystem Conservation and Sustainable Artisanal Fisheries in the Mediterranean basin) funded under the second call for standard projects was officially launched on 19th 21st February 2014(Barcelona -Spain) in the presence of the organizations part of this initiative.

ECOSAFIMED in brief : 

The project proposes to study the impact of artisanal fisheries on shelf areas with low trawling pressure. It aims is to provide a package of scientific-based recommendations for an ecosystem-based management of artisanal fisheries, in order to achieve a good conservation status of benthic habitats.

ECOSAFIMED is coordinated by the Biodiversity Foundation in Andalucía, (Spain), with the participation of the following organizations:

1.       Spanish Research Council-Institute of Marine Sciences, Spain (Catalonia)

2.       University of Genoa - The Department for the Study of the Territory and its Resources, Italy (Liguria)

3.       National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies / Laboratory of Fisheries Science, Tunis (Tunisia)

 ECOSAFIMED total budget is € 1,915.883,30 including € 1,569,235.79 as Programme contribution (81,91%).


- Name: Ignacio Torres Ruiz-Huerta

- Position: Deputy director

- Telephone: 0034 91 121 09 21

- Fax: 0034 91 121 09 34


- E-mail address: