Objective and principles


The general objective of the Programme is to contribute to promoting the sustainable and harmonious cooperation process at the Mediterranean Basin level by dealing with the common challenges and enhancing its endogenous potential.


The Programme is based on a series of principles, jointly identified by the participating countries:

Co-ownership: Programme contents as well as its implementation modalities result from a joint elaboration based on the contribution of all the participating countries.
Common benefits: the Programme shall benefit to all the territories involved by combining local partners’ capacities to solve common problems and to improve social cohesion and competitiveness in the cooperation area.
Partnership: it is the essential condition to ensure the Programme effectiveness, guaranteeing the participation of the two shores of the Mediterranean sea and contributing to a better governance of the local development process.
Sustainable development: environment protection, management of natural resources, promotion of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, sustainable socio-economic development and social cohesion should be considered in an integrated approach.
Equality of opportunity, non-discrimination, respect for human rights: while implementing the Programme and projects, a special attention should be paid to the principle of non-discrimination in order to be avoid any discrimination based on race, sex, nationality, language or religion.
Territorial dimension of the development processes and enhancement of endogenous potential of the cooperation area: this is to ensure that disadvantaged areas are also taken into account (for example, rural areas, small towns, declining industrial areas, landlocked territories, insular areas, etc.), with the aim of reinforcing a process of balanced and polycentric development.
Reinforcement the level of competitiveness: the process of integration of the Euro-Mediterranean region should also be complemented with a joint effort oriented towards a progressive definition of a coherent strategy of competitiveness of the area on the world scene. Coordination with other national and local initiatives should be pursued to ensure a better impact of the projects.
Co-financing: to promote the beneficiaries’ appropriation of the Programme and to maximize its leverage effects, it is necessary to mobilize public and private additional resources in order to ensure the sustainability of the undertaken projects.