The Branch Office for the Western Mediterranean, located in Valencia (Spain), is responsible for the following countries: France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Tunisia and Spain.
It is hosted by the Generalitat Valenciana, the regional government of the autonomous Valencia community.

The Valencia Branch Office also acts as a Liaison Office with the transnational MED Programme, financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the European Territorial Cooperation objective.

The Liaison Office MED/ENPI carries out 4 main tasks:
• inform about particularities and differences between MED and ENPI CBC MED Programmes
• guide potential beneficiaries towards the right programme
• promote exchange of experiences between the beneficiaries of MED and ENPI CBC MED areas
• encourage capitalisation of best practices and results achieved by the two programmes MED and ENPI CBC MED.

Publications of the Liaison Office

Comparative study on ENPI CBC Med and ETC Med calls for strategic projects (August 2011)
ENPI CBC Med and ETC Med programmes in 10 key points (September 2010)