How to apply

Deadline for submission of project proposals: call closed on October 20th 2009

Please note that the following participating countries have signed the Financing Agreement with the European Commission: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia.

Call for proposals
• Text of the first call for proposals for standard projects (modified version of 22.08.2009) [file.pdf]
Arabic version* (modified version of 22.08.2009) [file.pdf]
• List of modifications to the first call for proposals for standard projects (22.08.2009) [file.doc]

Guidelines for Applicants
• Guidelines for Applicants (modified version of 25.09.2009) [file.pdf]
Arabic version* (modified version of 25.09.2009) [file.pdf]
• List of modifications to the Guidelines for Applicants (25.09.2009) [file.pdf]

Documents to be filled in 
Application Pack [] including:
• Grant Application Form
• Declaration by the Applicant
• Partnership Statement
• Budget for the Project
• Logical Framework
• Legal Entity Sheet (upon request of the JMA) for:
- Public bodies - Private companies · Financial Identification Form (upon request of the JMA)
• List of modifications to the Application Pack (19.08.2009) [file.doc]

Documents for information
• Standard Grant Contract and annexes []
• Standard Contribution Agreement [] (applicable in case where the Beneficiary is an International Organisation, which have passed a compliance assessment carried out by the European Commission)

* In case of differences with the Arabic version, the English and French versions prevail.