Presenting a Full Application Form

First stage - Concept Note: CLOSED

Second stage - Full Application Form: CLOSED

Training material (Rome 21st December 2011)

Application pack for Full Application Form

  • Annex B: Full Application Package (Revised budget version 20-12-2011)
    • Project summary (including Logical Framework)
    • Full Application Form
    • Budget for the project (Revised)
    • Partnership Statement
    • Declaration by the Applicant (for Full Application Form)
  • Annex D: Grant Contract and related annexes
    • Annex II - General Conditions applicable to European Union-financed grant contracts for external actions
    • Annex IV - Procurement by grant Beneficiaries
    • Annex V - Standard Request for payment
    • Annex VI - Narrative and financial report
    • Annex VII - Terms of reference for an expenditure verification of a grant contract - External actions of the European Union
    • Annex VIII - Model Financial Guarantee
    • Annex IX – Transfer Of Ownership Of Assets

* In case of differences with the Arabic version (text of the calls for proposals and Guidelines for Applicants), the English and French versions prevail.