Project management

Project Implementation Manual

The ENPI CBC MED Project Implementation Manual (PIM) is addressed to Beneficiaries and partners of funded projects: its aim is to offer information and examples for the proper application of the Grant Contract and ensure a smooth and effective management of projects.

The PIM is designed to be:

  • • An instrument to facilitate the start-up, management and monitoring of the ENPI CBC MED projects, based on the Project Cycle Management approach;
  • • A preferential, easy-access route to the rules of the Practical Guide to Contract procedures for EU external actions (PraG), that apply to the administrative management of projects;
  • • A collection of examples and user-friendly tools for tackling management and administrative problems during project implementation.

The main topics addressed by the PIM are:

  • • Understanding contracting rules for the correct start-up of projects;
  • • Planning and monitoring of activities for implementing a management and control system;
  • • Actions ensuring internal and external appropriate communication;
  • • Eligible costs and procurement rules;
  • • Reporting activities  and those related to project expense auditing.

Download the full version of the Project Implementation Manual (version 1, 10.04.2012)

You can also download separately each chapter of the Project Implementation Manual. 

Important financial notes for project implementation

Informative note on external auditor recruitment for strategic projects (October 2012)
Pre-financing installements to projects (updated May 2013)
Bank account (updated October 2013)
Informative note on external auditor recruitment for standard projects of the first call (April 2011)
Informative note on the language of the Expenditure Verification Report (April 2013)
Informative note on external auditor recruitement - second call for standard projects (November 2013)
Note on major changes (May 2015)
Note on final reporting (July 2015)

 • Notes on the eligibility of VAT and other taxes
Note VAT - First call for standard projects (November 2012)
Note VAT - Call for strategic projects (November 2012)

• Notes concerning Italian organisations
Use of CUP and CIG (December 2011)
National cofinancing (July 2011)
Format to be used for CIPE national cofinancing (May 2013)
Financial sheet for CIPE funds (May 2013)
Eligibility of IRAP (April 2016)

• Note concerning Greek organisations
Expenditure verification (May 2012)

• Note concerning Maltese organisations
Expenditure verification (April 2013)

• Note concerning Cypriot organisations
National procedures guide (September 2013)*
* published upon request of the Cyprus delegation.