Strategic projects

Brochure on strategic projects
List of awarded grant contracts

Some fact sheets presenting the main features of the funded strategic projects - partnership, objectives, expected results, activities and budget - can be consulted below.

Priority 1 Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories

Topic 1.1 Agro-food industry

Agro-clusters locaux pour des produits laitiers méditerranéens typiques et innovants (LACTIMED)
Mediterranean Diet and enhancement of traditional foodstuff (MedDiet)

Topic 1.2 Sustainable tourism

A cross-border network to increase sound and harmonious tourism in Italy, Spain, Lebanon and Tunisia (Live your tour)
Improvement of Mediterranean territorial cohesion through setup of a tourist-cultural itinerary (UMAYYAD)
International Augmented Med (I AM)
Mediterranean Experience of Eco-Tourism (MEET)
Sustainability and Tourism in the Mediterranean (S&T MED)

Topic 1.3 Integrated coastal zone management

Integrated monitoring of jellyfish outbreaks under anthropogenic and climatic impacts in the Mediterranean sea: trophic and socio-economic risks (MED-JELLYRISK)
Bridging the Implementation Gap: Facilitating Cross-Border ICZM Implementation by Lowering Legal-Institutional Barriers in the Mediterranean Sea Basin (MARE NOSTRUM)

Priority 2 Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level

Topic 2.1 Water management

Adaptation to climate change through improved water demand management in irrigated agriculture by introduction of new technologies and best agricultural practices (ACCBAT)

Topic 2.2 Waste treatment and recycling

• Plateforme stratégique euro-méditerranéenne pour une gestion adaptée des déchets (MED-3R)
Selective collection of the organic waste in tourist areas and valiorization in farm composting plants (SCOW)
The Green MED Initiative (GMI)

Topic 2.3 Solar energy

Development and implementation of decentralised solar energy-related innovative technolgies for public buildings in the Mediterranean Basin countries (DIDSOLIT-PB)
Fostering Solar Technology in the Mediterranean area (FOSTEr in MED)
Machrek Energy Development-Solar (MED-Solar)
• Mediterranean Development of Support schemes for solar Initiatives and Renewable Energies (MED-DESIRE)
• Strategic Hubs for the Analysis and Acceleration of the Mediterranean Solar Sector (SHAAMS)
• Small scale thermal solar district units for Mediterranean communities (STS-Med)