Business Coaching SMEs

Thematic objective: A.1 Développement des entreprises et des PME
الأولوية: Priorité A.1.1 Soutenir les start-ups innovantes et les entreprises récemment créées, avec un accent particulier sur les jeunes et les femmes entrepreneurs, et faciliter la protection de leurs droits de propriété intellectuelle et de commercialisation, le cas échéant
Brief description of the project: To create a community development program by helping people build secure, productive and sustainable communities in the regions such as promoting economic development, and increase opportunities for disadvantages communities. It integrates a long term development programming by focusing on key sectors. For thus, an assessment and diagnosis for each SME will take a place and we will consider at least 300-500 SMEs.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: : Finding SMEs in the rural regions looking to grow their business, support these SMEs in planning, Management and organizational development and to create new job opportunities in the regions for fresh graduates and keeping potential employees. Supporting them to create their strategic business plans and the specific implementations for their growth.
Résultats attendus: Well-structured SMEs with a clear SMART Vision and mission and objectives in different sectors. New job opportunities for non working people especially in the rural and remote regions. Well trained and coached Owners and staff
Partners already involved: -
Partenaires recherchés: from all over the involved countries
Budget total prévisionnel: EU3,000,000
First name: Wafaa
Last name: Haidamous Hallassou
Name of the organisation: Business Consultancy and Training Services
Type d’organisme: Company or other economic operator
City: Beirut
Country: lb
البريد الإلكتروني:
Phone number: +961 1 382402
Skype contact: wafaa.bcts