Euro-Mediterranean Agro-Food Industries Alliance

Thematic objective: A.1 Développement des entreprises et des PME
الأولوية: Priorité A.1.2 Renforcer et soutenir les réseaux, chaînes de valeur, groupements (clusters) et consortiums euro-méditerranéens dans les secteurs traditionnels et non traditionnels
Brief description of the project: Euro-Mediterranean Agro-Food Industries Alliance is a cluster of partners working across the innovation chain and is centered around national industrial sector(s) -Agro-Food Industries- where the main innovation actors are positioned in the driving seat for an effective technology development.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: Euro-Mediterranean Agro-Food Industries Alliance aims to pool and network international competences in universities, research organizations, NGOs and industry to drive innovation and technology transfer .
Résultats attendus: Increased number of MSMEs participating in Euro-Mediterranean enterprise alliances, Cross-border-enterprise alliances empowered by the support from and cooperation with public authorities.
Partners already involved: Egypt
Partenaires recherchés: SMEs, Large Copmanies, Universities, chamber of commerce, innovation center, technology transfer centers, Research institutions, public institutions in charge of innovation and development policies. Countries: Morocco, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, France, Italy, Spain, Lebanon,
Budget total prévisionnel: 2,000,000 EURO
First name: Dina
Last name: Roushdy
Name of the organisation: Egypt-International Network for Innovative Technology (ENIT)
Type d’organisme: Company or other economic operator
City: Alexandria
Country: eg
البريد الإلكتروني:
Phone number: 00203-3570973
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