Innovative and Sustainable solid waste management in rural areas

Thematic objective: B.4 Protection de l’environnement, adaptation au et atténuation du changement climatique
الأولوية: Priorité B.4.2 Réduire la production de déchets municipaux, promouvoir le tri sélectif à la source et l’exploitation optimale, notamment de la composante organique
Brief description of the project: The proposal is a pilot project to implemented in a village. The project will apply an innovative system using a digestion process for municipal and agricultural organic waste.The process will result in enhancement in the economic, social and environmental status of the village.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: -Innovative and sustainable system for solid waste management. -Maximize the benefits from the solid wastes. -social, environmental and economic advantages.
Résultats attendus: -Reduce the negative environmental impacts. -create job opportunities. -produce electricity to be fed to the national network. -production of byproducts.
Partners already involved: searching
Partenaires recherchés: searching
Budget total prévisionnel: 3 ME
First name: hossam
Last name: metwally
Name of the organisation: engineering group
Type d’organisme: Company or other economic operator
City: Cairo
Country: eg
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Phone number: 01121340050
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