Thematic objective: A.1 Développement des entreprises et des PME
الأولوية: Priorité A.1.3 Encourager les initiatives et actions en matière de tourisme durable visant à la diversification dans de nouveaux segments et niches
Brief description of the project: Tourism is a priority sector and a field of excellence for the Med cooperation area but suffers from several weaknesses that the project intends to address: fragmented business structure, characterized by SMEs and micro enterprises with poor survival rate- three years from establishment, and a low turnover; little human resources, low propensity for innovation for the lack of cooperation with local authorities and research centers. Nevertheless, the Med cooperation space shows smart, sustainable and inclusive growth potential, with dynamic companies and research centers, local institutions that are active and close to citizens, an articulated and purposeful associative structure, with a "maritime dimension" which involves also the hinterland. Tourism med starts from this potential, aiming at strengthening the capacity of tourism businesses towards market growth and engaging in innovation processes
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: Promoting a sustainable and innovative tourism through cooperation between the public and private sectors, by means of targeted actions for innovation and competitiveness of the system of tourism micro enterprises and SMEs in the area in sectors such as hospitality, public and private transport, culture and entertainment. These are sectors that will directly engage in the project a large number of enterprises linked to the green economy.
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Partners already involved: ANCI Lazio
Partenaires recherchés: Business Associations, Chamber of commerce , Universities, local Authorities , from lebanon Jordan Tunisia Spain france
Budget total prévisionnel: 3.000.000 euro
First name: Andrea
Last name: Vignoli
Name of the organisation: ANCI lazio
Type d’organisme: Federation/association
City: Rome
Country: it
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