Transition to society of individuals with disability: design and implementation of support systems

Thematic objective: A.3 Promotion à l’inclusion sociale et lutte contre la pauvreté
الأولوية: Priorité A.3.1 Fournir aux jeunes, en particulier ceux appartenant à la catégorie des NEETS, des compétences utilisables sur le marché
Brief description of the project: Disability act places great importance on support services for individuals with disability (IwD). Support systems have several types and refer to technology or a human while at the same time are the basis for adult centered practices. Thus, it becomes important for both the research and social agenda to understand the policies and practices for transition to society of IwD. Aim of this project is to analyze the situation in the participated countries: social and educational system and train stakeholders involved in education, employment and training of individuals with disability. What is necessary to do is to follow a 5-step process in which someone should (a) investigate the needs of the IwD, (b) evaluate the nature of the necessary support systems to enable a person to achieve what he/she wants or needs, (c) develop an action plan to provide the support, and (d) evaluate the results of the project and personal benefits.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: The issues that this project addresses are transition and support systems of IwD. Main objectives are: • Analysis of the social and educational support system (both qualitative and quantitative support) • Strategic plan for reaching out IwD, their families and teachers • Training all stakeholders on related issues such as transition (self determination, self advocacy), accessibility, quality of life • Design and create a social support accessible platform/ data base
Résultats attendus: The training as well as dissemination activities will create a common understanding on disability issues and a public awareness of the skills and knowledge of individuals with disability. The creation of the social support accessible platform will link all partners and will be a data base where individuals with disability, their teachers and their families can search all kind of information needed from care, health, education till employment, and independent living.
Partners already involved: 1. University of Macedonia (Greece- Thessaloniki) 2. Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport (Egypt-Alexandria)
Partenaires recherchés: Italy, Spain, or Portugal
Budget total prévisionnel: 3.000.000€
First name: Lefkothea
Last name: Kartasidou
Name of the organisation: University of Macedonia -Research Committee
Type d’organisme: University/research centre
City: Thessaloniki
Country: gr
البريد الإلكتروني:
Phone number: +30 2310 891 350
Skype contact: lefkothea.kartasidou