The fight of Paolo the fisherman

Project acronym: JOUSSOUR
Project title: JOUSSOUR
Thematic cluster: 3. Cultural heritage and sustainable tourism
Sub-cluster: Sub-cluster 3.A Enhancement of cultural heritage
Deliverable: The fight of Paolo the fisherman
Documentary produced under the JOUSSOUR project as part of a series of 12. In Tuscany, the fisherman Paolo Fanciulli has been carrying on a fight against overfishing for many years. He is the initiator of an innovative action associating ecologic awareness and sustainable tourism: the immersion of concrete blocks on the seabed of this Italian coastal area, close to Talamone, so to prevent trawling, which causes fishing resources’ overexploitation. The initiative has been welcomed by sculptors who offered their marble works with a view to creating an underwater museum: an original example of dissuasive art against dangerous practices for the environment.
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