An evening at the museum: the Programme organises cultural event in Jordan to celebrate European Cooperation Day

The Programme’s Branch Office in Aqaba, in partnership with the EU Delegation to Jordan and Cultech "Cultural Technologies for Heritage and Conservation", is holding a cultural evening on 8th of October at the Jordan Museum, Amman, as part of the celebrations of the European Cooperation Day.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit an exhibition dedicated to UMAYYAD, a project which aims to enhances the rich cultural and artistic legacy of the Umayyad dynasty, through the creation of a tourism itinerary across 7 countries covering the original extension of the caliphate from the Atlantic to the Middle East.

The exhibition, to be opened until 15th of Octiober, will also feature other ENPI CBC Med projects implemented in Jordan as well as initiatives supported under the MedCulture programme.

On occasion of the event, a Local Action Plan focusing on the enhancement of the Umayyad heritage for tourism promotion in Jordan will be signed by the Minister of Tourism and the Mayor of Amman.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Esmat AlKaradsheh
Coordinator of Programme’s Branch Office for the Western Mediterranean
Aqaba, Jordan
Tel. +962 3 2091000 ext 3439/3440
Mob. +962 7777 13935

UMAYYAD: visit the project website