Renewable energy: the STS-Med project promotes networking among companies of the Mediterranean area

Companies of the renewable energy sector coming from Cyprus, Egypt, France, Italy and Jordan will gather in Palermo (Italy) on 4th of November in the framework of b2b meetings organized by the STS-Med project. The aim is foster synergies in the field of innovative solar technologies, assess market opportunities, identify joint research projects, and define possible partnership agreements for technical or commercial collaboration.

Fostering the creation of new business and local supply chains in concentrated solar is central to STS-Med, which focuses on the development of small-scale plants to supply energy to public buildings and facilities. Concentrated solar systems use mirrors to concentrate a large area of sunlight onto a small area. Electrical power is produced when the concentrated light is converted to heat.

On 5th of November, a dissemination workshop on the STS-Med project results will take place with the participation of energy and innovation experts from the Mediterranean area.

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STS-Med communication manager
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