“enHancing thE sociaL Inclusion Of neetS”: HELIOS

Thematic objective: A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
Priority: Priority A.3.1 Provide young people, especially those belonging to the NEETS, and women, with marketable skills
Brief description of the project: The project aims to provide the target groups (i.e. young people, especially those belonging to the NEETs and women) with marketable skills, in order to improve competences and opportunities. It aims to increase employability of young people belonging to NEETs (up to 30 years old) and women (all ages) interested to work in the field of Blue Economy (e.g. aquaculture, coastal and maritime tourism, marine litter management, waste management, etc.), to which Mediterranean SMEs pay more and more attention. In order to meet the market needs, training targeted courses will be implemented in the following fields: fishing, shipbuilding, fish processing, sea protection, sustainable growth of fish production chain, internationalisation of the companies, waste management. Coaching and vocational guidance actions are also foreseen.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: • Maximize the efficiency of training and coaching activity by permanent training paths; • Enhance learning opportunities using new technologies; • Promote connections between TVET institutions and professional sectors; • Increase possibilities of generating an inclusive economy; • Enhance the attractiveness of the different career opportunities in the Blue Economy sector, for young people belonging to NEETs and women, making them more competitive in the labour market.
Expected results: • Increased employability of women (all ages) and youths up to 30 years old, especially those belonging to the NEETs; • New curricula proposing skills required by the labour market (new professions); • Training courses jointly designed by the partners involved and targeted to youths up to 30 years old (especially those belonging to the NEETs) and women; • Number of youths, NEETs and women trained; • Subscribe agreements between TVET institutions and the business sector.
Partners already involved: 1. Collegio Universitario di Merito ARCES through the “High Training School of ARCES” and its “Job Placement provider” Unit 2. Distretto Produttivo della Pesca - COSVAP
Partners searched: • Regional public administrations; • TVET institutions • Universities; • Other bodies belonging to the following countries: Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Palestine, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia.
Total estimated budget: 3 M€
First name: Alessandro
Last name: Pernice
Name of the organisation: Collegio Universitario di Merito ARCES
Type of organisation: Other
Other: Moral Entity. ARCES, a non-profit organisation, is a University College recognised by the Ministry for the University and Research (decree D.P.C.M., dated 19 November, 1991).
City: Palermo
Country: Italy
Email: a.pernice@arces.it
Phone number: 0039 091346629
Skype contact: alexpernice
Website: http://www.arces.it/