Adaptation to climate change through improved watershed management and implication of “green-jobs” in Wadi Shouib

Thematic objective: B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
Priority: Priority B.4.1 Support sustainable initiatives aimed at finding innovative and technological solutions to increase water efficiency and encourage use of non-conventional water supply
Brief description of the project: Different mitigation to adapt with the effects of climate change may take place in different parts of the world but the situation in a degraded watershed like wadi shouib may need a combination of mitigation together; where intensive conventional agricultural practices, discharge of treated waste water into the stream and increasing number of endangered flora and fauna species are the main characteristics of the degradation in Wadi – Shouib watershed. The recommended mitigations could be.Changing the agricultural practices into organic through environmental payment strategies “referring to the great experience in Europe and Italy precisely” Introducing “green job” careers to locals mixing between horticulture and eco-tourism.Women empowerment through establishing societies to help women in producing organic, ethnic, and traditional products, and marketing them as a constant income source.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: - Introducing new low cost technologies to the farmers to improve the irrigation water quality - Help the farmers to switch their farms into organic, permaculture farms - Reduce the percent of the unemployment of the youth in the area by introducing variety of green jobs - Empower the women in the area by helping them to produce organic and local products then marketing them through societies and farmer markets - Increase the eco-tourism in the area
Expected results: - Installing new, low cost technologies the farm level - Help the farmers to switch into organic farming through environmental payment approach - Establishment a consultation body to work in both directions introduces green jobs to the youth and gives the advice to the farmers when needed. - Develop a cooperative society in the area that helps the women to promote and market their local products. - Create points on the road to the Baptism to promote the eco-tourism in the valley.
Partners already involved: - The National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension NCARE Jordan
Partners searched: all the institutions that work on organic farming , watershed management, women empowerment
Total estimated budget: 3000000
First name: Ala'a
Last name: Wahbeh
Name of the organisation: The National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension NCARE
Type of organisation: Ministry or other national public administration
City: As Salt Balqa
Country: Jordan
Phone number: +962772153789
Skype contact: